Membership Overview


Join us to create a better community for African American Males, our families and community in the following areas:



Volunteer to be a mentor or provide program support for our Young Ambassadors Mentoring Initiative, currently at Boise Elliot and Ockley-Green Schools in Portland. COBM provides mentoring to African American Youth in each of these schools 1 day each week.  Join us and make a difference in our next generation of leaders

COBM’s mentoring program assists young African American males develop into educated, contributing members of our community. The program is designed to develop youth into leaders through the responsible personal conduct, educational achievement and cultural enrichment. This is done through group coaching and community activities.


Help the COBM Be a voice for African American students and their families. Help us create an education environment that will inspire students to reach their highest level of achievement. Help us create a school system that values all of its students, helps them achieve a level of excellence, and be empowered to make a positive impact in their community.


Volunteer at our Health and Wellness events, such as our Blood Drive, Bike and Bite, Soul Stroll and others.  Help us raise awareness and provide health information that will ultimately bring about a behavior change resulting in a healthier lifestyle for African Americans.


Help the COBM be a voice and work collaboratively in our community to enable the meaningful participation of African Americans in the local economy.  Help promote economic strategies that addresses the institutional and structural barriers that impede African Americans ability to accumulate wealth and transfer wealth and assets from generation to generation.